Things I'd like to see and accomplish in my life

Travel and Adventrue

  • Visit Barcelona Spain
  • Visit Lofoten Islands, Norway
  • Visit Turkey
  • Visit the Netherlands
  • Visit Iceland
  • Visit Greenland
  • Visit Antartica
  • Visit Brazil
  • Visit Machu Pichu
  • Visit All US National Parks
  • Visit All Unesco World Heritage Sites
  • Visit Jordan
  • Visit South Africa
  • Visit Remote Alaska


  • Donate more than $10,000 to an important cause
  • Fly a plane
  • Live self-sufficiently on passive income


  • Photograph the northern lights
  • Publish a photo in National Geographic
  • Photograph on every continent
  • Photograph wild bears
  • Go on a photo safari
  • Photography Polar Bears
  • Photograph pengins
  • Get a great Moose photograph
  • Get a great wolf photograph


  • Publish a blog with hundreds of readewrs
  • Publish a blog with thousands of readers
  • Publish a blog with a million readers
  • Publish an artile in a major photo magazine

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