Switching to Sony

Gear / May 20, 2018

I’d been back from Norway for about a month and in that time I’ve had time to think about my gear, what went well and what could have used some adjustment. I’ve come up with a few things that need adjusting but the biggest one I’m assuming you can guess by my last post Medium Format back to 35mm is that I’ve decided to switch back to a 35mm camera system. To that end I’ve been working to figure out which system to buy and have come up with a list of items that were important to me.

  • Full range of lens options from wide to telephoto
  • System with a defined roadmap
  • Crop and Full Frame bodies
  • EVF
  • Dual card slots
  • Good battery life
  • Good autofocus with most of the frame covered in AF focus points
  • 40+ MP

It’s pretty amazing how quickly your list of wants will whittle down the potential candidates for a new camera these days. The EVF requirement & 40+ MP made it such that I was down to the GFX 50, A7R series and X1D. Take the list and apply the full range of lens options to it and your down to the A7R series of cameras, now before the A7R III I would not have gotten good battery life, dual card slots either so I don’t know that this would have worked a year ago, but today we do have the A7R III and my list of requirements is covered quite nicely. In the A7R III I can shoot in RAW+JEPG mode with RAW’s going to one card and JPEG’s going to another, I can get 300+ shots on a battery, a very nice EVF, great lens support and growing and take a look at Sony’s roadmap you can see they are pushing to be the market leaders not just now but in the future.

I’ve only had the A7R III for a short while now but I’ve been impressed with a few things I’d like to call out, maybe these will seem less revolutionary to some of you but coming from the 645Z these were amazing features -

  • Eye AF - This is amazing, you can train a button on the back of the camera to operate in Eye AF mode and the camera will find the eye of your subject and focus directly on that, movement or not. I can say this was one of the most amazing things about the Sony. I was really impressed.
  • Noise (real noise not image noise) - Again a small thing but come from shooting with one of the biggest mirror boxes in the camera industry with the 645Z to an electronic first curtain shutter and silent mode when needed and you come away with a very very quiet device. Really useful in certain situations.
  • Size - I’ve never thought of my 645z as having a size problem having shot bigger cameras in the past and being not old enough to worry about the size and weight of my camera bag yet. That said the Sony really is small and that has other benefits, mainly that I can easily pack a replacement camera body in my bag when I travel that uses all the same lenses.


More to come on the A7R III in the future for now, I am going to head out and shoot.