Roberta Pastore - Glass on Body Imprints

Amazing series of self portraits taken over 5 years of her life, really go check out the whole series so different and so interesting to see her mindset through the lens of time!

Grzegorz Tatar - Summer vibes

Summer vibes by Grzegorz Tatar on

Aerial photography done right can yield amazing results in different ways, it’s still the standard looking straight down shot but the results are different than the landscape taken the same way. New and interesting for the win!

Tobias Hägg - Glasslands

Glasslands  by Tobias Hägg on

It’s a great shot made perfect with the subtle editing on this image post processing. The color variation in the water really sticks out to me!

Tobias Hägg - Namibia

Namibia by Tobias Hägg on

You see the shots of Namibia a lot, the red sand the dunes rising above the plains. You don’t see amazing shots from above very often, love that Tobias is taking Drone photography further even in these well known locations.

Tobias Hägg - Guilin

Airpixels week!

Guilin by Tobias Hägg on

Such amazing drone images this week for you, Airpixels (Tobias Hägg) is one of the best!

Adobe Photoshop Sky replacement

Nice to see Adobe having to play catch up to some of the upstarts in the photo editing game. I bet this will ramp up even further once Mac’s can run iPhone and iPad apps.