Casper Andrésen - Bergen Streets

I’m a sucker for great black and white images, these fill that desire perfectly. Love the tones, the patterns and the full tonal range.

Atul Loke - NYTimes India Coverage

Stunning images from embedded photographer Atul Loke in Mumbai India covering the coronavirus and the country’s lockdown. We’ve been focusing a lot on fine art and landscape photography here but that’s not to say photojournalists are not creating beautiful art as well.

Foster and Partners - Paper Skyscraper

Foster and Partners an Architectural firm released a printable PDF recently that shows kids how to make skyscrapers out of paper to design their own buildings and cities. Pretty cool and fun not just for kids.. Time for everyone to get creative.

Download here

The Sounds of Spring and Fall - Chad Huff

I love linking to great photography, this one is no exception! It’s worth a look (click on the title), Chad got a wonderful shot of a frog up close in some foliage, the colors are amazing and the composition, just spot on!

Draw a Porsche 911

Another fun post, this time from an unusual source in, learn how to draw a beautiful Porsche 911 (Easily one of my favorite cars of all time) from the head of Porsche design. Very cool to see the steps that go into a simple car drawing!

MoMA - seeing through Photography

If there is anything good about the current COVID situation it’s the big cultural institutions posting more and more content online. Today it’s MoMA’s turn posting a new Free course on Coursera called Seeing through Photography. I’d expect nothing less than stellar content from MoMA.

New Yorker - NYC Closed

Simply amazing video of NYC in it’s shut down state of Coronavirus 2020. Having lived in NYC for a number of years it’s surreal to see these streets with out the bustling of the people and honking of the horns.

Mostafa Depo and Pedro Kin Scouting Trip
Two great photographers and friends of mine are holding what looks to be an amazing photo workshop once global travel resumes. This looks like an amazing trip and one I’d love to sign up for. More Details Here
Noah Kalina - Everyday

Noah Kalina’s Everyday has been going around for a while, you may have already seen it but it’s pretty amazing to think about how committed he is to getting that daily self portrait! Simply amazing!