Luc Decreton - Confinement
Confinement by Luc Decreton on

Another self portrait, this time it seems very of the moment in 2020, black and white seals the deal for me on this one!

Korbinian Voight - Humans in Nature

Striking images, I love that he seems to be going to the photography hotspots but doing his own thing. You can tell all of these images have his style in them.

Jay Vulture - Close to Me

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Black and White is hard for me to resist and this is really well done black and white! You can check out Jay’s Black and White Processing videos for sale here

Adobe Lightroom Tutorials - Contextual Help

It’s nice to see Adobe making a real push for new users in Lightroom, the video seemed like overkill at first but give it 30 seconds and you’ll see Adobe really did a great job here. Better than most companies I’ve seen with contextual help menus!

Adobe Lightroom Tutorials - Long Exposures

Another great 60 second clip on using lightroom, this one’s a bit different though as you get some tips on shooting images in Lightroom directly rather than developing and organizing your photos with Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom Tutorials - Guided Tutorials

Another great tool built right into Lightroom, really smart of Adobe to do this. There is a heavy overhead learning Adobe products and this is a great attempt at lowering that threshold for new users. The hope is they don’t water down Lightroom so much you loose the power users too. Time will tell.

Adobe Lightroom Tutorials - Interactive Edits

Love this new series by Adobe about Lightroom, I’ll be posting a lot of the series! I hope you look forward to these bite sized bits of learning like I do! Interactive edits are a really well done feature to help people get going on Lightroom and learn from others!

Lloyd Lane - South Downs in Spring

Panoramas are some of my favorite photos to take and also some of the hardest to display, but they are striking when done right like this one here. Lloyd’s image really hits all my buttons, the deep greens with the rolling texture and the shadows, I really like it.

Casper Andrésen - Bergen Streets

I’m a sucker for great black and white images, these fill that desire perfectly. Love the tones, the patterns and the full tonal range.